By simply reading this page, you may be inadvertently sharing some info with faceless companies (other than What gives?

A quick look at some of the gremlins that show up as being blocked in my browser confirms it: DataDogHQ, Optimizely, and Google Analytics are just a few of…

Or how companies collect and share our information before even asking for it.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. You must never, ever, ever surf the Web unprotected. You would not walk into a store if you had to fill out detailed application forms from strangers, so why…

“Based on our sharing of your data without consent, will you recommend us?”

It’s always perplexing when legitimate, unsolicited emails appear to intentionally masquerade as phishing expeditions. It’s even more confusing when banks, the very organizations that claim to understand security intimately, demonstrate precisely what not to do.

This pearl recently landed in my inbox.

Companies forced to secretly share information about their customers used to rely on the warrant canary mechanism to alert the public of secret requests for information. Is it time to bring them back?

Between Amazon’s Ring & Alexa and Google’s Nest and Home, more than a quarter of Canadians are…

Pandemic Excuses Enable School Boards and Edtech Companies to Force Parental Consent for Student Data Collection

With the vastly expanded use of remote learning during the Covid-19 pandemic, some school boards are taking the extraordinary step of forcing parents and students to agree to risky data collection practices and privacy-invasive…

Bad Privacy

Fīat jūstitia, ruat cælum. Personal musings on data protection fails, snafus & oddities, collected & edited by Claudiu Popa; author, educator, booknerd.

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