Is human knowledge obsolescent in the age of synthetic expertise?

Should we worry about AI ending knowledge based industry? Not even a little bit.

Here’s a fair question, mined from the shallow depths of the twittersphere:

Let’s think about this for a second in terms of self-driving cars. Without even considering the vapourware claims of cars being summoned across the country and all kinds of hoaky claims of driverless vehicles working as Uber when not in use by its driver, we can easily imagine a scenario where a vehicle is commandeered by its owner to simply back out of its parking spot. In most cases, it will manage the task without a problem, but in one out of 100 million cases, it backs up over a stroller, with tragic consequences. Who do you think is responsible?

Now to the matter at hand: will society have any uses for human lawyers — and trusted advisors— after the coming AI revolution? Let me count the ways!

In every area of industry, from hiring talent to picking winning stocks, AI has the potential to dig deeper to effortlessly mine more substantial resources, but also to pave over human faults. In this sense - in most other ones - the descendants of ChatGPT and DeepMind are welcome to enhance our tedious existence.

So are consultants and lawyers are about to go extinct? I sure hope so, but only the obnoxious ones (as aptly illustrated by available stock photography).

Claudiu Popa is an entrepreneur, technologist and educator focused on the positive aspects of innovation, the potential of technology and the promise of cybersecurity to keep us all safe when things go off the rails. He can be reached at and on all the usual social media networks.



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