Voice Recognition is not security technology, but is it anything more than a false sense of security?

Bad Privacy Blog by Claudiu Popa
2 min readJul 14, 2023

A gentle reminder that while #voiceprint technology was dubious from the get-go, is has of late been firmly discredited by #security professionals and researchers around the world.
Just because banks and telcos — notorious for suffering from a perennially false sense of security — continue to push this “feature” onto callers, it doesn’t mean that you have to also drink the Kool-Aid.

Click to read the referenced article: How secure are voice authentication systems really? | Waterloo News | University of Waterloo (uwaterloo.ca)

Such technology could not pass proper vendor due diligence without a golf course handshake and definitely would raise serious #risk flags under any rigorous security testing.

Be sure to enforce your #privacy right to opt-in consent and demand proof of prompt deletion when you opt out (otherwise refer to Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada/Commissariat à la protection de la vie privée du Canada vs Rogers Communications #PIPEDA case #2022–003).

(with a tip of the hat to pros such as Andre Kassis, Urs Hengartner and Rachel Tobac for moving the needle in this regard)

Claudiu Popa is a book collector, author and the co-founder of the Knowledgeflow Foundation, a nonprofit organization that empowers communities to weaponize digital literacy and critical thinking against disinformation. He is also the CEO of Datarisk Canada, one of the first information security companies focused on the protection of intangible assets.



Bad Privacy Blog by Claudiu Popa

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